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8 years

Gartner DQ Magic Quadrant Survey - listed as Promising Player


  • CIOReview - 25 Most Promising BI companies in India
  • Gartner Hypecycle - study on Data Quality and Usage
  • British Airways Award

Data Cleansing And Standardization, Deduplication Services

Customer Voice

“We have been extremely pleased with our partnership with Ixsight (For a france-based client). The Ixsight team have been very responsive., provided excellent guidance and insights. very good service and results. We plan to use their services for other global clients” VP – International Solutions – Leading CRM company -USA

“Ixsight handled subscriber records of more than 200 million over a two year period with 365 day data cleansing service with high quality – met our deadlines for Siebel CRM upload. We are pleased with the kind of service, commitment and qualitative work. Ixsight provided uninterrupted service with 99% accuracy levels.” CTO – Leading Telecom Player

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